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  • Published on Jul 31, 2016
    Lake Superior Circle Tour

    Lake Superior Circle Tour

    The great lakes are amazing bodies of water that are all interconnected by channels and filled with natural landforms, abundant sea life, and spectacular shorelines with undeniably beautiful views. That is why so many people flock to them every year and want to build their houses on the lakes. If you are one that wants to explore the entire lake, scenic drives are rising in popularity and often the best way to go.

    Lake Superior offers what they call the Circle Tour. Interested parties can explore Lake Superior in its entirety by land or by lake. This 1300 mile tour takes you around the lake, passing through Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin and crosses the border into Ontario, CA.  Along the way you’ll travel through different towns that all have their own unique charm.  Discover the art of freshwater sailing and boating, dig your toes into sandy beaches, and pass by towering bluffs along the shoreline.

    There is a wide array of history and culture both past and present along the way. You’ll discover the differences between Canadian and American native cultures and see the history of trade, including fur trading at the World’s Largest Fur Trading Post at Fort William Historical Park in Ontario.

    Lake Superior has a multitude of ecological wonders from the pure pristine freshwater lakes, to the towering waterfalls.  There is a vast array of wildlife to explore as well. The Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth, MN features animals and habitats that are present within the great lakes region.  If you choose to camp or hike along the shoreline you’re sure to run into wild deer, elk, different species of birds and all kinds of aquatic animals. 

    There are plenty of activities along the way.  Many of the cities offer boat tours, hiking trails, lighthouse tours, watersports and sea cave tours.  The Apostle Islands just off the coast of northern Wisconsin offer guided kayak tours through the sea caves that hug the coastline.  You can paddle your way under unique rock formations and watch the sunrise and sunset over Lake Superior.

    There are many RV Campgrounds along the tour to spend the night at. When you plan out your trip, search for campgrounds along your route that offer the type of amenities and accessibility you’ll need.

    For help planning your trip around the lake, download the Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide for ideas and tips. It also has tips on how to cross the border safely, information on the different cities you’ll pass through and activities and things to see. For more information or to download the adventure guide, visit

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