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  • Published on Sep 23, 2016
    Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

    Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

    When you hear sleeping giant, most people might think of “Jack and the Giant Beanstalk” or “David and Goliath” but this sleeping giant is not what you might imagine.


    Sleeping Giant Provincial Park was named for its geological features that look like a sleeping giant. Established in 1944 and formerly known as Sibley Provincial Park, Sleeping Giant was renamed in 1988.  The park is 244 sq kilometers located on Lake Superior in Ontario, CA. There are over 80km of hiking trails with spectacular views of Lake Superior, especially fromThunder Bay lookout point.


    The visitor center offers a glimpse into the history of Sibley Peninsula and the way of life from past to present.  There is also a model of the Silver Islet Mine, the first mine in Ontario where silver was accidentally discovered on a small reef at the tip of the Sibley Peninsula.


    Wildlife is abundant in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.  Along your quests throughout there’s a chance you’ll encounter moose, wolves, fox, Lynx and over 200 species of birds.  Being as the park is located on Lake Superior, fishing is a widely popular sport. Marie Louise Lake is one of the only lakes within the park where baitfishing is allowed.  You’ll find Northern Pike and Yellow Perch, as well as small mouth bass and walleye.


    There are plenty of biking trails to explore. Thunder Bay lookout Rd has 9km of rough and tumble trails for the more experienced bikers. Marie Louise drive offers 12km of a more leisurely experience.


    Visitors to Sleeping Giant can also go boating on Marie Louise Lake and Lake Superior, canoeing, swimming and in the winter time cross country skiing is always a fun activity.


    Camping within the park consists of mainly backcountry camping.  There are 40 sites available on or near Lake Superior and just off the designated trails throughout the park.  Most come with firepits and some with toilet facilities.  The Marie LouiseLake campground has over 200 sites that can accommodate tens and RV vehicles of all sizes.  Plus, there are some modern cottages up near the visitor centre that you can rent out.


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