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  • Published on Feb 28, 2017
    Top RVing Destinations in 2017

    Take a look at some of the top RVing destinations this year!

    1. Redwood National Park- California.  Home to the tallest trees on Earth, Redwood National Park offers an array of different environments; from vast prairies to enchanting woodlands, and scenic riverways. There are also over 40 miles of pristine coastline that draw people to the water’s edge.  Over 200 miles of hiking trails wind throughout that offer a calm and serene adventure through the wilderness.  Crescent Beach Overlook is one popular destination within the park where park goers hike to take in the picturesque views of the cliffs and to swim and walk along the shoreline.  Camping throughout the park is available at four designated campgrounds. Backcountry camping is allowed by permit.  For information on Redwood National Park visit
    2. Crater Lake National Park- Oregon.  One of the most photographed lakes in all of North America is Crater Lake in Oregon.  Formed nearly 7700 years ago when a volcano erupted and collapsed, it formed the deepest lake in the USA.  Fed by rainfall and snowmelt, Crater Lake is also the most pristine lake in the U.S. Visitors come from all over to hike the trails and travel the scenic drives throughout the park.  Some drives may be closed due to weather conditions so be sure to check before you set out on your travels.  Ranger programs are available through the park service and there are 2 designated campgrounds within the park.  Backcountry camping is allowed but with a permit that can be obtained through the park office.
    3. Blue Ridge Parkway- Southern Appalachians.  Although not a national park, the Blue Ridge Parkway is considered “America’s Favorite Drive”.  The 469 mile trail takes you through and along the beautiful Appalachian Mountains.  The drive can take anywhere from 5 hours to a whole day or more depending on how many stops you make along the way.  There are scenic overlooks along the path that provide amazing views.  You can also choose to camp overnight at any one of the eight campgrounds along the parkway.  Spend a day or two seeing what all it has to offer.
    4. Thousand Islands National Park- Ontario, CA.  Known as the “land where tranquility meets recreational activity”, Thousand Islands were the first national park east of the Rocky Mountains. The park got its name from its many “islands” just off the coast of Mallorytown, Ontario. The islands are actually the worn down tops of mountains that have been surrounded by the St. Lawrence River.  Because of its location there are many different recreational activities available to visitors.  Fishing and Paddling are the two biggest activities.  The various types of pike, walleye, yellow perch and bass draw avid fishermen from all over.  Paddling tours of the islands are a daily occurrence during the season. You can either take a guided tour or tackle the shoreline on your own.  Hiking trails also run throughout the park and offer ample opportunity for bird watching.  In the winter, snowshoeing is a popular sport.  You’ll see all kinds of abundant wildlife from the great blue Heron, to rare species of turtles.  Camping is permitted throughout the park at designated campsites. For more information visit

    The places on this list are only a few of what RV destinations are out there for you to discover in 2017.  If you have a favorite destination, please share!

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