RV Service Specials

Let us get your RV ready for the upcoming camping season with the following services.

RV Summerize Special

When summerizing your RV, we will:
        -Re-install the water heater plug
        -Fill the fresh water tank
        -Pump water through all fixtures until clear
        -Return by-pass valves to the summer position, &
        -Run pump or through city water until air is bled out of the water heater through tap

Full RV Inspection Special

*Available for motorhomes, fifth wheels, travel trailers, and fold-downs.

When performing an RV inspection, we will:

        -Perform a general exterior inspection & note any concerns

        -Inspect L.P. systems & their condition, including:
            > Perform L.P. leak test
            > Inspect tanks & cylinders
            > Test L.P. detector, &
            > Check L.P. regulator pressure & adjust if needed

        -Inspect & run-up all appliances, including:
            > Stove & oven
            > Microwave
            > Refrigerator – both gas & 110v.
            > Hot water heater – both gas & 110v.
            > Furnace
            > Air conditioner
            > TV Antenna, &
            > Test smoke & CO detectors, if equipped

        -Inspect suspension, including:
            > Tires, springs, & shackles
            > Check for wheel bearing play
            > Check brake operation & magnets
            > General undercarriage inspection, &
            > Inspect safety chains

        -Inspect electrical components, including:
            > Inspect & test exterior wiring & lights
            > Check interior electrical – 110v. & 12v., &
            > Inspect battery & test charging system

        -Slide-out inspection, including:
            > Test run all slide-outs and lube where applicable, &
            > Inspect rubber seals where applicable  

        -Roof inspection, including:
           > Check roof, sealants, & vents for condition & note any concerns (quote repairs)

        -Inspect seals, including:
            > Check sealants around doors, windows, trim, compartments, & moldings & note any concerns
               (quote repairs)

        -Inspect awning for operation & condition

        -Test start generator, if applicable

        -Perform a moisture test, if applicable

        -Inspect lift systems & canvas on fold-downs, if applicable


For additional information, reach out to our service team at (807) 346-9399 or by emailing lstecky@smithsrvcentre.com.


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